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Citrus Fruits


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Cold pressed juice is made by pressing the fruit and vegetables with up to 1000lbs of force. This is different than most juicers that use a centrifugal motor.  By pressing the juice all the enzymes and vitamins are preserved.

Cold-press juicing is the purest method of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. By minimizing the

oxidization process, it maintains the essential nutrients and live enzymes that make fruits and vegetables so

healthy.  During the process, produce is slowly ground into a fine pulp, scooped into a filter bag, and placed under 2000psi of pressure.  You are left with 2-3 pounds of produce in each and every bottle!

* All sugars are naturally occurring in our juices.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice:

  • Very efficient way to increase your daily vegetable and fruit servings

  • Improve your energy and hydration

  • Restores your pH balance

  • Supercharge your body with a high dose of vitamins, minerals, & enzymes

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